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  1. Great post. Saw this on HN. Thank you for bringing back some great memories. I’ll never forget Gothic Nightmares by Masta.

    1. Did either of you know Masta? I would love to reconnect with him.

  2. very nice man. definitely brought back memories trying to sign on until people found a backdoor.

  3. aol progz… a digital throw back to AOL, 1995.

  4. Good old days! Private rooms doing mass mails haha. Running progs with chat commands. Good old times. Getting OH accounts to scroll lol so much fun. Many awesome programs out there at the time…
    Would be fun to re-live the days

  5. Just one question, what handle did you go by? I still have all my VB3pro projects and base files. Those were great times. Glad I experienced them. I miss hanging out in Punter on a friday night and talking code there.

  6. yo. many great times in pr: vb, vb6, ccom, and others. Its wonderful to see all this old stuff showing up and all the names I recognize!

    Miss you guys!



  7. Awesome post…great time for the internet,led me to be a programmer professionally. You guys remember firetoolz by rj2? Haha another big one i remember. My claim to fame was programming prophecy 2k with unabomb. We were all reunited a few years back qt lenshell.com’s forums. I know you remember that site!

  8. Through up a tumblr of all old screenshots of aol progs, etc.. http://p4ste.tumblr.com/

  9. Shouts digital, I uses to go by esco probably around 97-00 some where around that era. I was heavy in the PR phishy chat I was real tight with kLepto from NY. Was kind of a screen name jacker cc getter troublemaker kid in the room lol. Had the aims Escobar and brb.

    1. sup brother remember elite radio. that domain lasted until 2010 10 years. haha great times with qwest click 2 conference. wish it was still like that but we all grow up.

  10. […] aol progz… a digital throw back to AOL, 1995. […]

  11. Thank you for your contribution to the aol prog community! I used almost all the progs under the sun i could get my hands on. Even had some successful websites offering them. Sad thing is, kids in the 2000 era will never know what AOL progs were and how fun they were. I loved email punting! Thanks again!!

    Anyone remember wu-tang clan prog?

  12. Ya I remember wu-tang clan prog &. Man those were the dayz!! I made aim progz/aol progz those were fun times.

  13. Aww man this was special:

    Whats your handle?

    Programs like Havok, Pepsi, even newer ones like socket pw crackers Sabatoge?

    Was it Genoside.bas file or whatever everyone had to start with in VB?

    gagging or permagagging in the chat rooms with “Host” Accounts or “Internal” Accounts that can scroll awww how fun it was.

    Keyword: fone had the internal’s list

    Keyword: rainman to make your own keyword…

    password cracking was the thing to do…

  14. I’ve made several attempts to find the version of HaVoK platinum where the secret area shows the picture of his girlfriend. If anyone has any luck, post it here… cause it would be funny.

  15. Man, Your bringing memories back I wish I had a < so I can logon and see if anybody still goes to
    phishy, phishy1, progz, progs, ixa, bgom, etc…….I GREW UP and those memories I will never forget…

    Oogle, Heat, Bofen, Mantis, Masta, Turtle, Slove, Ringmaster, Zero, Xero, Xerox, BliSSiD, neon, Neo, Then later down the line neako, neak0, sandra, flam3z, convict, champs man I miss those days wow……………..I seriously was up on that shit for like 1993 until god knows when………

    hit my inbox up!

  16. http://lenshellarchive.com/ccom.html

    God I miss those days. Does anybody still go into these chat rooms? I wouldn’t even know since I got busted in 2000 for fraud ccs//etc I did four years and was released. After that I changed my life and outlook on life its self……

    Married the kids, still got all my “spam money” that I invested later down the line, thank god to the “Spam game” aol emailers, smtp man oh man!!!!!!!!!

  17. i am wirm, hear me roar..

  18. Thanks for the memories. Not sure how I stumbled on this, but it was a great read.

    I got into the scene after all of this, but it certainly got me interested in programming. I remember downloading vb3 and being so pumped to get home from school and mess around with it every day. Then the gradual upgrade to 4, 5, and then 6.

  19. Man, this is tripping me out. I was just trying to explain to my about to be 13 year old son how the good old days of aol 2.5- 4.0 were long gone. Then he has me breakdown how punters work. How do crackers work. How do you to someone. On and on. Nice reading this article and having some flashbacks. Unlike one other comment, I eventually ended up in prison on a manufacturing charge. Ha. Go figure. I’ll never forget my first punter, worms 1im. Lol! The for sharing.

  20. pr phishy




    hosts omgomgomg funfunfun

  21. I’ve been curious about this old community forever, I can’t believe I just randomly stumbled back here. Posted a thread on Reddit searching for old proggers but came up with nothing. I definitely remember this website from long ago along with LensHell and PhatzFreeProgz. I never did a ton of programming, released a c-com, a gagger/punter, and an mp3 player but none were that big. I mostly stuck to artwork and UI for AOL progs, frequented vb, progz, prøgs, etc. I used to roll with “Cutthroat Productionz” until I just went solo, hung around with the Turtle/Spyda/Sirk/Masta crew for a while. So many good times, I’d love to know if anybody else is still out there or if there’s a Facebook group to join?

  22. Rage, eventually Raged after edge threw teh temper tantrum because he had the screen name ‘rage’. Raged would become my handle. Digital, I remember you. I miss all of the old community, it sucks everybody went away and just kinda fell off-grid. I used to hang in the same chats mentioned above, with a few other aim chats we all know and love(d). My main people I remember were also Turtle, Spyda, Sirk, Masta, Unab0mb, Sibby/Sibyl, Will aka Legend, Adi, Tony, Pad, Jazz(Fuck off.), Kai(So nice I wish I never lost the source you gave me, damn..), sonic(man you were my coding idle, sent me source to sonic gold, opened my eyes), Dopple(I hope you got out of jail after the Static IP incident.. damn), Rikki, BRETT AKA iLLusion(#$%!#!@%!@$@#!@%!@$%!), YTC(still gangster), Silkk(Dude was a trip), oh my.. So many people. Fifa went to werk for AOL we were told. Rikki still owns Rikki.Net, I think. I know I’m missing shouts to a whole lot of people, Amy is one. Anakin, damn, longggggggg time. Nobody mentioned whywork? >;)

    1. You remembered me!!!!!

    2. Will aka Legend, I remember him, talked with him a lot. I thought I remember him falling off the grid suddenly, scary. And Anakin I still have contact with. He’s one of the very few I still do. He is the one who taught me pieces of visual basic.

  23. Oh mam. I remember the day I got my hands on ELeCTRiK x2 and Gothic Nightmares and being just completely blown away at the “power” in my hands. I remember being infatuated with macros, too. Like so many others, I owe my programming career to the scene. There’s still some Tripod and Angelfire sites kicking around (mostly untouched from the late 90s) where you can still download progs.

    Amazing read, thanks for the memories of a seriously solid time.

  24. Very nice article.

    I created master32.bas, master16.bas, and 311.bas (to read AOL_Listbox without 311.dll) I wrote that when I was 11 years old, 1996. It originated from the old AOL SDK forums – when AOL used to support add-on developers like BPS Software who created PowerTools. I was working with legitimate companies and they wanted a huge archive of AOL functions, and decided to post it before the forum shutdown.

    I continued to program, though, I never created a proggie but I am very glad to say I watched a generation utilize it with admiration. I also worked for numerous forums including Dr Gamewiz (RIP), AOL Upgrade Team, and a few others.

    Glad someone still remembers the scene. I was only in 2 groups, WaY and ULoC (United Legion of Couriers.) Miss those days.

    Hope you all had a good holiday!

  25. Anyone back from the old Arts & Entertainment – AOL Secrets days? ALpHaX group. Some names I remember: Shino, Gabe, Hex, O0O..I went by SeA and DawG back then.

  26. Wow, talk about memories. I too started out by making AOL progz and punters. One of which was the only one I made that actually got popular was Sho-Nuff. I released 2 versions and it was great. I was just thinking about Leviathen and Pepsi. I actually do miss these days.

  27. This brought back many good memories of staying up way too late in chat rooms(mostly gd and warez) and talking to people that were my best friends at the time (never met any of them unfortunately ). Kind of sad and awesome at the same time.

  28. Great read! Brings back lots of great memories. I lost so many unfinished (and finished) projects when my Windows 95 machine took a dump and that was the end of a great run in aoprogramming.. If it wasn’t for all those years messing around on aol 2.5/3.0/4.0, I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today.

    1. hiwind…lol I remember you. I was really young back then, like 12 years old but you came out with a net punter and helped me once in a while via IM back in the day. Sill have hiwind.bas on my hdd. Thanks for that as learning that stuff was valuable to this day! Probably the guy I remember most back then.

  29. Oh my, this is nostalgia. ( rooms specifically: ixa, api )

    m16, fusion, iceman (me, my brother, cousin).

    I wrote “intel clone shop”, circa 1995. I miss back when the internet was an open frontier.

    I’m also glad I got out of it before anything bad happened, but this definitely created the foundation of my future: software engineering.

  30. This was an exceptional read… Brought back so many found sneaky memories… Shoulda became a hacker instead of an Internet marketer 🙂

  31. Yeah its been a minute my old name was Nugs, Cons, Nugz , CODER NAME DEF
    1993 UP………….Orig
    Man I miss those guys I wish we had a way to contact them guys! hit your boy leads15@gmail.com ORIG

  32. I remember using all the ProGz thinking i was cool. Got band by aol bunch of times. Made my username pooppoopy so when they would call they would say, ” Yes can i speak to Mr. Pooppoopy funny indians. Rampages tools and Subseven and Godzilla were my favorites. Brings back memories.

  33. Digital.. Def.. What’s up guys.. I know a lot of people would “pose” as me so email me with any questions you have.. Miss you guys man. Def/nugs that helped me learn adobe with no filters? Metal and gold ring bells?

    1. Lol smart phone typo meant to write “masta”

    2. Michael <3

  34. God damn do I remember these days as the glory days of the Internet. I recall a fair amount of names and progz listed here and so many more. Just like OP my life was changed forever by using and then learning to make my own progz. I knew then that I wanted to become a Software Developer and needless to say that is what I am doing today. I joined the game a bit later about circa ’97/’98 w/ AOL 3.0. I don’t think I ever released any progz myself, but had many in the works like AoGold, Chemical Xer, etc. I did host a small tripod or geocities site called Dark Warriorz VB Realm with a friend that had progz, vb source, viruses, etc. I had so many different SN’s back then due to getting my parents accounts banned multiple times for punting / providing resources to punters, lol. Some of the names used were Terror4997, Terror4998, ilili007ilili, Jnco4337, SlipknotKrayz, User963980, etc. I don’t really recall that chat rooms I frequented but anytime I needed help or resources I would check out Perplexed.com, Planet-Source-Code.com or bug several peepz in my buddy list. I think I bugged PatOrJK the most lol.

    SEND 121-142

    Then u have to unrar all that shit…hero’s of might and magic 2

  36. Wow, those were the days. I fiddled around in VB with my buddies writing different AO-Proggies. I miss those days. We hung out in punter, punter2, phish and I’m sure more, just can’t remember. I went by gpf and buddy went by Smurf and can not for the life of me remember my other buddies name. We grew up together and learned a lot of programming from AO-proggies. One of us works for Microsoft now as a programmer, one joined the Air Force and I work as a programmer/tech. If it wasn’t for AOL and my free version of VB 3.0 we downloaded from a crack site, we wouldn’t have had such a fun youth. I feel sorry for kids today… the internet is ruined now compared to what we grew up with.

  37. come join the facebook group guys..



  38. Wow, this is crazy. I reminisce on the good AOL days from time to time. Was going by ‘fr0st’ for some time then later changed it to ‘tip’
    I remember a few names I’ve seen here, esco, suffer, hiwind sounds familiar too. What about snort, coco, n9ne,Nat,857, ash, and b0mb just to name a few. Good post digital, thanks for the memories bro.

  39. NoFx
    Highlight of my life was having freeprogz.net or whatever it was at the time.
    Lol the Masta vs Team Freedom war.

  40. Wow, the memories you brought back. A few more memorable names were mr koww, turtle, and dean from deanfx..NoFx you used to help me out when i was working on something new. I remember you very well digital..good times man. Masta and I traded forms and code from time to time. Ahhh thanks for the memories brother.

  41. Pr test, later moved on to bestest with the “original” test crowd..

    Guys like dit rop, king of macros

    Odin2 from nj was a memorable prick,lol..

    Kross, Quake, EcKo, epic(gargos), napolean, bum, rash

    I found Tim(trinok) one day in a random room. He was the one who made the winsock pwc you guys might remember. It went from aol interface pwc, revolutionized to a direct login crack on americaonline.com server, which was so unreal to discover at the time.. maybe 1997 , 1998?

    Other people like MooTaR, Starr were also pretty oldschool. We were all heavy into vb3, and so on when upgrades came out. I think by the time aol4.0 had released, most people had moved on to irc.

    I went on to mingle with Legion of Underground, LoU, which was pretty well known and respected. Later bramching off with Keebler Elves during summer of 99.. eckis, icesk, p0g0, soupnazi, and more..

    With people getting raided frequently, being 15 yr old and facing a crazy world of punishments, i stepped away.

    Ill never forget all the sleepless nights playing magestorm on aol games at like 10/hr on hijacked accts.. lol.

  42. Went back through some of the posts, hiwind was certainly always “around” in our scene. I’m sure he remembers the “test” / “bestest” days. I’m sure he has done well.

    Great times… hope everyone is doi g well.

  43. wow, what a flashback… now i’m on google looking for these types of poats. my thing was crack0ring the invoke codes in master aol. and i did it well. LoL. anyone remember the screenshot pic of “rainman”. i didn’t release many of my progs but i did run across HiWind’s .bas (how did he spell his name? hwwind? no… something diff… anyway, i tracked him down to let him know his .bas was stolen somehow. what a cool guy he was. also probably the truest code writting i’ve seen and i now code for MS. anyway, i went by -thug … with the dagger ascii for a T … anyway big thx to hiwnd for the advise suggestions, and leading me to a perfected process of decompile protection. yes, i also knew some top coderz that still can’t decompile my old 16 and 32 bit progz. appz… nah i like the spelling Apps now. LoL EEt. leet8r

  44. Howdy hiwind. Long time no talk.

  45. you didn’t even talk about the GOOD programs, like LuciferX, EViL Advantage, AoKiLLa/Rampage, TOStitos

    otherwise, good post

  46. Loved those days, surprised I found this nostalgia. I used to hang around pr “art” , we used to do a lot of ui and splash designs for coders, I ended up getting into the skinning scene because if it and it gave me purpose as a kid. Thanks for posting!

  47. I was thinking more..

    Dark Knight. Depth. Kai. Bong (Chauncey? ) Klik. Quake. Stealth. Miss those days..

    Miss you guys, hope everyone is doing really well. We all sure we’re ahead of the times..look at how everything has evolved.

  48. This page brings back some memories! Even the comments geez. I remember first day going into Warez chat room in like 96ish with the screen name “XxZeroKool.” Haha thought I was so cool until I got bashed by everyone. Learned my lesson and started programming, web design, etc. Would not be where I am today without my AOL past! Glad to see people are still around and not in jail. I recall a major sting early 2000 where some guys got caught up outside a grocery store. Wow glad I stumbled onto this site. Nothing like googling “AOL 2.5 punters” haha. Handle in the day was Maze or Tilt.

  49. Hiwind! Capone, def, trinok, pogo, syx, vex, media x, stoag, xcel, cover, chau, vio, lusta, soft, psy, lie, meth, dog, huma, dovvn, nimmy, twiek, skin, pist, keef, didi, meca, snip and many more!!! LTNS wow thought i’d never see any of the old aol crew ever again. Brings back memories. if ya remember fury and wanna reminisce hmu.

  50. forgot to give a shout out to Team fusion, entity inc, Softwarez and AMW.

  51. Aol Lucifer was tops at the time had alot of fun on my neck versa.
    Can you all load aol 5.0 source code onto a pirate server on tor.
    That way it can still be used as

  52. That way it can still be used as a darknet market globally, using a proxy connection. Oh don’t forget to add a bitcoin mixer to trade wares or anything.

  53. Great post, many memories


  54. What in the actual fuck.

    1. Hi Rashie

  55. I was about 16 started my own group D2 or digital disciples. I was president and had a whole crew lol. Programmers phishers we went into rooms Warez and ZeRaWxWaReZ

  56. Memories.

    Chilling in GoL (or the 30 diff versions of it) API, Server.

    Saw a long thread few years back with everyone from the scene chiming in. Havok and Hoss of madcow and exorcist fame popped in. Too bad can’t find the page now.

    Havok, Fate, Magenta, HellRaiser, Fire Toolz, Nightmare by SiNiSter

    StEvE CaSe is a LAMeR and all that


  57. Holy friggin memories…
    I loved when aol3 had the 1 im punter
    Damn, i could go on for hours… server chats 😂 chat coms, man i miss it all. I thought about making an aol sim site. People could relive the good ol days.

  58. I still have leet/3chr aims 😂😂

  59. Thank you so much for bringing back some of my best adolescent memories! AOL progz, warez and mp3 groups were the life of angsty 12-13 year old me. Remember a few people… Tony (2pAc), fiction, sketch. Man good times.

  60. Fear thy lord ion / 1995
    AOL: Lii , ooo, iOL.. Others. I forget. I need to remember.

    This was truly a well needed throwback at 5am eastern standard. In an era of ig and social media whore-ism, Thank tou for reviving this long forgotten time capsule

    -ion ❤️❤️❤️

    Ps- just some other random progz i recall: mad cow final, hellraisor (chronos/tootsie), magenta.

    I’ll send this to some old familiar faces I may still be in remote contact with 👌🏽

  61. I miss those days man. I remember getting my first copy of VB 3.0 from a mass mail in the chatroom. (I remember being so intrigued by Pepsi, Soylent Green Server/MMer, FiRe Toolz, AOHell, etc.) Once I got my hands on VB 3.0 I began programming like a son of a bitch (Yeah I was like 11 years old lol) From laggers, to punters, chat commands, phishers, email bombers, ascii shops, macro builders, etc. I remember losing my AOL account for a.) scrolling a middle finger in the Nickelodeon chatroom followed by me email bombing some dude with over 2,0000 emails. (Yeah my dad was pissed, he forbid me from logging on and told me was lost our AOL subscription. Little did he know I ran a key logger on the computer and found out his login info.)

    Oh man, do I miss the good ole days of AOL progz lol good times.

  62. Ahh I remember your prog!

    Similar story myself. My first prog was Gothic Nightmares around 10 or 11 years old(intro was the best!). Took me three days just to figure out how to install it, with dll files, winzip and such.

    Couple years later, I programmed Parasite v.10 and Parasite Final(MyChRo-HaRd)(really bad handle .. lol). LensHell.com!! 30 now, One of the best periods of life for sure!

  63. I was 23 in 1995 and remember all of this so clearly! I was so desperate to get my hands on a punter program to deal with the liberals on Aol and also a private room “ABDL” which stood for adult baby diaper lovers, that I “cyber sexed” some prog developer from the private room Punters to get my hands on Pepsi Punter. Man. Now I’m freaking out realizing it could have been some 12 year old genius!! Wtf!?

  64. This shit, emulators and Quake 2 are what took all of my time, not going to bed sleeping in art. I think I too fell for the ascii art, punters, tosers. I made like 3 programs but only 1 is up on lenshell because thats the one I feel like I didn’t steal too much code. I mainly just liked to talk shit, and I used to talk to a girl named Juli on the phone, I remember Nytworx was a target for a long time, callin him out for stealing code lol.

  65. 🙂 sadly, these days were some of the most fun in my life. early on my dudes were shade,to0n,epix, rich/kz,majy,sirk,omen,filth and so many more. cc stuff was my favorite. i eventually linked up with Krazed and nv2 crew and we started killing shit. we did a lot of bad things which ended up being the massive cell phone hack of the early 2000s. i laid low after that went crazy and just kind of faded into drugs and alcohol and never returning. now im 30 with 4 kids and 2 jobs… i was just a boy then. pr:macros mah fuckas ! =]

  66. bump….anyone got a working pre? 😛

  67. wow this has been great reading through all the progs and handles. I remember hiwind running with magus for a little while shortly before pimpshiz got arrested.. back in the secret chat room 7 carrots for the group Syntax. Also known as Z D later towards the end. I was Fossil. I wish i could locate rj2 and eraser or pogo gasp 666 sublime grifter warped8d sub8 does anyone have any of the raps ytc used to record? damn i miss those fellas bob io9 tfish seemed like when i was a kid the fun would never end but metallica had to start shit with napster and when pimp took it personal and went on a several day long exploit based hack of several government pages and and plaster them all with a simple html telling the world metallica didnt need to steal our music downloading. His arrest i believe helped usher me out the door with me being so close to 18 and the nature in which my programming was applied for i had a couple popular things but really who could ever be popular next to eraser and rj2 and what with his entering the porn world and making lots of money.. if anyone remembers the zd’ers ^^^^^^^ syntax group please contact me on FB Virgil Wiebe

    1. “Phase” here from the AOL hax0r era!
      Hit me up guys! https://twitter.com/AOLPhase

      I was just googling about AOL days after hearing AIM was shutting down – I still have buddy lists from the 90s. Eraser, Rj2 were my boys! Eraser eventually dicked me and everyone over with his business. Nevertheless, I love reading about the old AOL days! Shoutz to Chronos, Think0rz, Roman, KKR, KB, CocidiusX, IcEE, SiLeNt, Dopey272, Pimp Shiz, Endlessfx, ESBlink182, Eve (only girl in the crew!), Flekz, Funk PB, Uaert, Gershee, bo0, Propal, Methy!!

  68. Was that esco as in between like you Pogo bob and myself had way too many full hotmails of things not mentioned based off of the “failed image download key logger”

  69. Anyone remember what song would play when Magenta opened? I miss the ol’ days…

  70. awesome blog

  71. Not sure why I’m commenting….or even why I read the article, or why I fucking googled it in the first place. I was 8 yrs old when I first logged into Quantum Link…10 yrs old when I found qbasic on my dads 186… the AOL days were good ones, the reason I am where I am today. I won’t ever forget the first time we cracked FDO and figured out how to invoke tokens…or hook windows and send shutdowns to OSCAR. AOL may not have been the greatest platform in the world but ot ceetainly provided a hell of a lot of fun for a couple of years on the early/mid 90’s…great article bro, it changed all of us and we very rarely go back and reflect on the experience. Nicely done bro

  72. Haha I remember you digital, I miss those days.

  73. Wow man thanks for sharing that, it really took me back to those days, my online life started back in 97, I was in a bad car accident which left me in a wheelchair at 19, so I bought a computer and went from there, I can still remember the first time I saw an AOL punter & that was all it took to get me hooked, I remember spending days at a time on there trying to teach myself everything I could about hacking & programming, I never gained any big time notoriety like you though. I still remember getting my first AOL OH account & still remember the screen name “Epikachu2000”, had some fun with it then gave it away to some other people. It was also so easy back then to get CC# from other AOL members, I’d build a website that would look like an official AOL web page, spam a few thousand users & thats all it took. I never did much with the CC#’s, it was more about just seeing if I could do it.

    Also does anyone remember Sub7 by Mobman, I can’t tell you how much fun & entertainment I got out of using that program, sometimes I’d upload a recording of myself saying “Redrum Redrum” over & over in a deep voice to someone computer I had access too then play it over there speakers, I know I had to of scared the shit out of quite a few people with that one, just think about sitting at your computer & that comes out of your speakers out of nowhere. I definitely had a good time using it.

  74. So funny to come across this. I was never a programmer. Never created progz. Was pretty much a poser that tried to hang out in the private rooms – server me and shit like that.

    I was on AOl constantly though back in 95-97 mainly from the time I would get home from work at 11pm until about 8am. I kept vampire hours. I used a ton of different programs. Some mentioned above, some not. I’d punt the hell out of people and basically terrorize chat rooms. A poser like I said. Did anyone ever hang out in Lobby 666? I remember there was a group that used to be in there all of the time. The crew had Outlaw as part of their handle for a while and they all used Apathy Punter. ScarletFox was always in there I remember.I think she was into graphic design. I wonder from time to time where those people ended up.

    Amy Danielle – by any chance did you have the handle “im2bize” when you first joined AOL? I remember a very innocent young kid named Amy, but I’d heard she was using a fake name. Needle in a haystack here, but I think about her once in a while. Her and this other kid named Gil who said he was from Albuquerque, NM. A little younger than me but cool kids.

  75. I had Sub7 2 days before release,and already had about 5K AOL names I grabbed when I had an OH.

    I spammed it release day (as a courtesy to Mobman) and my icq was machine-gun ringing! LOL!

    I used that winsock cracker too, that was badass!

    Who remembers the code for the 1 im punter?

    I just had it in a text and would post it in the room and watch people get BSODs. :O

    {S con/con ? Something like that.

    Nmes I remember are like..Whooz, Garret, Sarah, Manson, Aaron, Pizza,(he got popped) the kid that made reloaded punter. server1,2,3 Soylent Green! 😀

  76. Whaaaat, this is nuts. I use to chill in magenta,leet,vb,phish,ect,ect…

    I got here looking for my homie vex.

    shout out to my nemesis, manson.

    big ups to mal, power, nox, arco and the million other.

    Im am currently Director of Information Security at a large tech company.

    See you at DEFCON~!

  77. Damn I haven’t thought about this stuff in a long time. I coded Solyent Green,and loved millennium. Taught myself Visual Basic and HTML just by looking at source code and started my own company making websites, was part of the Phrozen Crew. Then in 2000 I was banned from AOL for life, at school people with asked if I had the internet I would say yes, then they would ask me my screen name I said I don’t have a screen name,they couldn’t understand. I had msn but to most people aol and its built in pages were the internet. Miss those days, feeling like a god

  78. =sirk checking in

    1. As in “xmpsirk”?

  79. DEFCON always ->

  80. As in “xmpsirk”?

  81. I can’t believe I read the whole thing, AND all of the comments… but it was a good read, those were some good times. It seems like these are basically what my childhood memories are made of. Summer time, staying up way too late in chat rooms playing with progs, running PWC’s, and playing with code, with the sounds of doors opening and closing the whole time. The bad part was going to bed at 4:00 or 5:00 and realizing that’s when the birds start chirping outside your window.

    A few other progs that I’m not sure have been mentioned:
    – Legal Fragment
    – Methodus Toolz
    – Dreamcatcher
    – Final Destination
    – e=mscrambler

    I just checked and it looks like LensHell.com has been taken down (it was up for the longest time). I’m pretty sure I downloaded all of the progs (or at least a LOT of them) within the last couple of years. If anyone would be interested in them, let me know.

  82. BRO! I miss progz.org browser crash links… I just tried progz.org to no DNS server connection and I nearly cried!

    Anyone know where to find newer crash links?

  83. It’s ironic as I’m reading all this that AIM recently announced that it is shutting down forever – so many great memories on AIM!

    I literally read every single comment in this thread and I still wish there was more! My handle was Jinx. Made a few progs myself but the best progs for my taste were FireToolz and Subseven, however I probably used all of them at some point. The best time on AOL was getting into all the Host/Guide accounts and pwning the PR rooms. One time I blackmailed a host to create my own host account or I would release all his personal emails. He had acct privileges so I had my own host account for about a year and needless to say it was bad ass until I got stupid with it and received a ban hammer. Does anyone remember CATWatch01? Those bastard AOL-created bots automatically suspended you if you simply entered a blacklisted PR room. I got into CC’ing and phishing and moved on with life after a lifetime ban from getting sued by AOL in 1999 for AOLBilling*****.com which I setup to get unlimited CC’s. It was so damn easy but I’m glad things evolved for the sake of everyone. I would use all the CC’s to purchase porn memberships through my affiliate link at MaxCash.com and at one point I remember hiring naive peeps online to use fake cc’s to purchase the memberships through my aff link every day. I’ll never forget waking up one morning to see $3k in my affiliate account lol. I wouldn’t trade any of that experience and knowledge for anything. If it wasn’t for VB3 programming, PHP, and “outside the box” thinking, then I wouldn’t have been at all successful at doing internet marketing at 35yrs old which has blessed me with a paid off orange lambo and a 750k house (not to brag in any way just emphasizing my point). Given that, I can honestly say like many of you that I could have just as easily ended up in prison on a life altering course which makes me even more grateful for getting caught when I did as a minor and moving on to making websites for legitimate cash. I hope more peeps find this thread and contribute! I lurked for a couple years before making a post in here so I would bet there are many others who didn’t share their similar experiences which everyone would probably love to read. God Bless!

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